1. Get a recyclable water bottle.The US alone consumes 50 billion (that’s BILLION…with a B) plastic water bottles annually.  Most of these are not recycled.

2.  Plant a garden.  Here is a guide to starting a garden.

3. Build a birdhouse.  Here is a link to 3 options, Standard birdhouse, a Gourd house, and a birdhouse made of plastic bottles.

4. Here’s a “bright” idea. Replace the lightbulbs in your home with newer energy efficient bulbs.

5. Become a better grocery shopper.  Get a reusable grocery bag to limit all the plastic waste

6. GET OUTSIDE!  To celebrate Earth Day why not get outside and enjoy it?  Go for a hike, head to the lake or just sit in a park and appreciate the moment.

7. Attend Earth Day TX.  April 21-23 at Fair Park in Dallas, TX.  More Info

8. Plant a tree.  Steps

9.  Avoid the car.  Since our cars are some of the greatest sources of pollution in our daily lives, try to avoid using the car for the day….dust off that ol’ bicycle and enjoy some fresh air.

10. Switch to paperless billing. By switching to paperless billing we save on paper waste and we save trees.

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