B2B Tips for Successful Product Launch Based on Infectiously Catchy Hip Hop Dance Songs

In the last year here at Presco we have been experiencing that bittersweet phenomenon called growing pains! I remember as a kid, as I lay in bed at night calling out to my mom and telling her my legs hurt. She would come in, check on me, rub my legs or back and tell me what I was experiencing were growing pains. Today at 40 years old and 5’ 5” it would appear I experience more growing pains than actual growth. But I certainly do know that we have experienced these pains here at Presco in the last 12 months as we have launched products like Vibrant Roll Flagging, side stacks, Adapt Double Sided Barricade Tape, Retail Ready Units, as well as services including the Presco Custom Stake Flag Art Interface and Presco’s Pesticide Sign ZoneCaution--Electric-Dance-Moves our legs have hurt, our muscles have ached, our brains have been stretched and wits ended. But here is what we have learned that I hope can help you moving forward much as my mom did during those pre-adolescent nights at my bedside.

1. Teach Me How to Dougie
Educate your distributors and key accounts. Teach them why they need your product. Tell them how it will help them increase sales, drive traffic, affect their bottom line, improve their reputation, etc. Inform them of your own Service After the Sell. Give them key marketing ideas, include them in the process. Don’t just put a new product out there or revamp an old one and expect even your loyal customers to be on board – Teach them, coach them, and find ways to increase clarity moving forward.

2. Don’t Drop That Thun Thun
Seriously, don’t drop it! What I mean here is Don’t Lose the Excitement!!! Problems with shipping, packaging, and come-what-may ARE going to arise. Challenges and obstacles are going to occur in launching a new initiative. Don’t let that sway your enthusiasm or affect your excitement and belief in a product or service. Don’t Give Up!

3. Wobble!
Wobble Baby Wobble! Now you are asking yourself “Has he lost his mind?” Maybe, but my point here is Be Flexible. Grow with the product and adapt. Adapt to the market, adapt to customers input or feedback. In point number 1 I mentioned educating your partners/clients, what if they can educate you too? Be Open, listen and learn from their questions and hone in on your own communication, implementation, and execution. Get better at launching, get better at service, get better at improving moving forward.

4. Cha-Cha Slide
Slide to the left, slide to the right, Take it back now y’all, One hop this time, right foot let’s stomp, left foot lets stomp, Cha cha real smooth. No point here to make, I really have just lost my mind or maybe I wanted to get this song stuck in your head.

*no twerking was done in the making of this blog.

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