Call-811-B4-U-DigPresco is all about safety. We are in the safety business. We manufacture pvc vinyl films and plastic products so we are in the plastics industry. We sell many of our products under the marking product category and we service industries such as surveying, forestry, construction, law enforcement, oil fields and utility companies. However when I think of Presco and the public I think of Safety first and foremost. One of my jobs here at Presco is the daily task of creating countless custom marking flags and a vast majority of them are about safety. Specifically speaking they focus on one important safety concern that many of take for granted in our daily lives: Call 811 Before You Dig.

Notice the similarity to another important emergency number. 811 you call in order to avoid an emergency, 911 you call after the emergency. This is serious business and no one takes that more serious than Presco, our stake flag division and many of your customers and distributors, including USIC. When you call 811 someone will come out and mark the property alerting you or contractors to the location of underground electrical lines, water lines and gas lines. So to avoid unwanted flooding, undesirable electrocutions, and unsightly explosions call 811 before you dig to avoid calling 911 during your dig.

Of course loss of life and/or injury is the most sever consequence of not calling 811 before you dig but other consequences include property damage, lost time, increased project costs, and service outages. Generally you need to call at least 48 hrs before you dig, dig no closer than 18 inches from the area marked or if you must dig closer then dig by hand.

In all things think: Safety First.

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