Best Links of the Week

These week  it’s a rodeo roundup of some great articles from LinkedIn, Mashable, Engadget and Forbes just to name a few.  I culled the web for the best new business related stories out there so you don’t have to. I found some simple advice from Warren Buffet on success, a terrificly funny-because-its-true article about conference calls, as well as rumors about the new iPhone 6, and tips for sales, leadership, the future of business  tech, when not to take a vacation, and a little bit more. I hope you enjoy and find these to be helpful. I’d love to hear more from some of you about what you’d like to read about and what sources are your favorites. You can find my email at the bottom of the post.


That Leadership Thing… Nailed It! (link)


Tranportation & Innovation

Uber and the Battle Against Archaic Laws (Link)

Lyft Adds New Carpool Service (link)



5 Tips on Assigning Ownership to Key Sales Accounts (link)



9 Annoying Things That Happen On Every Conference Call (link)

Warren Buffet’s BEST Business Advice (link)

Best Time to Skip Vacation (link)



How the Cloud Will Transform Business by 2020 (link)

5 Emerging Technologies Every Office Will Have in 2020 (link)



7 Things to Expect from Apple iPhone 6 Release (link)

5 Hot iPhone 6 Rumors (link)

For input, advice or feed back you can certainly reach me via my email at presco.com just put mmcminn in front of it.

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