Have you ever wondered about that accordion thing at the end of the boarding hallway you walk down just before stepping into an airplane? Probably not; but you would miss it, if it suddenly wasn’t there. What about the mats your little girl tumbles on at cheer practice or gymnastics? How about the times you have wished that semi in front of you had a tarp over its open box gravel trailer, so you weren’t dodging dirt clods on the highway?  Ever been thankful for that green net that keeps your Sampras like serve from going through the chain link as you embarrass your boss on the court?

Well all these seemingly unrelated events that are apart of daily life are facilitated by a company called BondCote and Presco is proud to call them one of favorite customers. They play such a large roll in our daily lives from keeping your kids safe with pool covers to keeping our American soldiers safe with military specific engineered tents and too many other products to list. Well we could list them but it would just seem like bragging. But brag on BondCote we should because they are a 65 year old company that makes everything from roofing materials to products dedicated to helping clean up oil spills. In 2010 BondCote came through in a big way to help in recovery efforts after the devastating earthquake in Haiti by donating “8 football fields” worth of waterproof fabric, materials that will be used to build new shelter for the Haitian people.

Since 1949, BondCote Corporation had been a leader in coated, laminated, and composite fabrics for the military, commercial, industrial, recreational and transportation US markets and has other strategic distribution deals in Australia and New Zealand to mention just two. This Pulaski, Virginia based company continues to lead the way in innovations and provide technical fabric solutions to meet their customer’s specific requirements.

BondCote is not only committed to unparalleled quality and service but also affordability. In 2007 Beth Guinn, Sales Manager for our Pres-Flex Engineered Film and Proflex Vinyls division of Presco, together with Presco co-owner Waymon McMackin met Donnie Kemp from BondCote and discovered BondCote was looking for a new film vendor. By 2008 the Presco development team was hard at work matching military colors for BondCote’s booming military tent division.

Beth Guinn said “Our two teams worked really well together to get these colors approved and into production! BondCote advised us on the purchase of lab equipment and other resources needed to consistently produce military films colors with a .5dE or less. Since 2008, Presco has matched over 40 commercial and military tent colors for BondCote and they have become our top Engineered Film customer. We count BondCote not only as a customer but a partner. Donnie, Terry, and the whole BondCote team are a part of the Presco family.”

BondCote’s AeroFlate™ fabric has been featured in FabricLink Network’s 2012 picks of the Top 10 Textile Innovations of that year. This year’s selections represent the best the industry has to offer, incorporating innovations from the medical, industrial, safety & protective, and the geotechnical market, as well as for specialty apparel and unique outdoor apparel applications. They have also been featured in Specialty Fabrics Review and other trade specific sites and journals.

There is an incredible video on YouTube showing BondCote’s Vinyl Coated Polyester Inflatable Fabric undergoing a hammer test and water test. The material has also been tested under 25psi in the BondCote lab. Their fabric is 32oz per square yard and made for the inflatable boat market. They also have videos that show you how incredibly easy and quick their Adhesive Back Tape is for tent repair of both commercial and military grade tents.


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