coffee_thumbAt Presco we spent the later half of 2013 planning and developing our social media strategy.  With that has come an emphasis on web content, blogging and social media efforts with Facebook , Twiter and LinkedIn.  We’ve encouraged employees to contribute and it’s worked well.  However, some people just don’t like to write…  Enter Kim Bollinger, our VP for Sales and Marketing.  Kim realized the value of content creation and blogging and he has some amazing insights from years in the business field, however, finding the time for him to sit down and actually write a blog was something we finally admitted was just not going to happen.  Our goal for 2014 was to expand these efforts and move into video creation and so this seemed a perfect way to get Kim active!

This week marks the beginning of a weekly “Vlog” or “Video Blog” featuring none other than Kim Bollinger.  The series is called “Coffee with Kim” and features quick videos of Kim discussing a certain topic and sharing his wisdom on that subject.  For anyone who knows Kim, this will be a familiar treasure of great information and extemporaneous thought.  For those of you who haven’t met him yet…Welcome….you’ll never be the same!

So, grab a cup of Joe, sit down and tune in every Monday morning for “Coffee with Kim!”

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