CT Pesticide Application Signs

(b) General notification requirements.
(7) (A) Each sign required by subsection (c) of section 22a-66a of the Connecticut General Statutes shall conform to the following requirements:
(i) The sign shall be four inches high by five inches wide;
(ii) The sign shall be of a rigid material substantial enough to be easily read for at least twenty-four hours after the pesticide application despite adverse weather conditions;
(iii) The sign shall contain only the following information in black lettering on a bright yellow background in the format specified in Appendix A of this section:
(I) The words, “PESTICIDE APPLICATION” in bold letters of thirty-six point type;
(II) The symbol of a circle at least two inches in diameter with a diagonal slash over a person, child and dog;
(III) The statement “Pesticide applied on (date) by (name and telephone number of the pesticide application business, or the words “property owner” if the pesticide application is made by the property owner)” in twelve point type; and
(IV) The statement, “This sign must remain for 24 hours after pesticide application” in twelve point type; and
(iv) Except for the date of the pesticide application and the name and telephone number of the pesticide application business or the words “property owner,” the information required on the sign shall be professionally printed. The remaining information may be handwritten, provided it is in permanent ink and in a print that is easy to read.
(B) If a commercial applicator is contacted by any person who obtains such contact information from a sign posted under the requirements of this section, the commercial applicator shall provide such person with the name(s) of the pesticide(s), and EPA registration number(s), re-entry restrictions, if any, and the date of application.
For full regulations see pdf here.


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