Presco is announcing that we will be launching a new Custom Art Interface on our website in Spring 2014.  We’re excited to better serve you better with this new technology!

The Art Interface will allow you to access the site at your branch locations and guide a customer through the construction of their custom marking flags.  This will increase your profitability because your customers can create their custom flag, place the order and then pay you without multiple trips into the store.  No more losing potential customers in the transition time between art creation and order placement!

The Art Interface will allow those customers with current graphics to simply upload their own design.  If a customer does not have artwork they can use our simple tools to easily and quickly add items like the name of their company, their phone number or website and even icons and clip art.  Everything is easily changed including flag color, ink color and font choices, and when they are done they receive an online proof to okay the order.

Here’s some screenshots from the project…



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