I happened across this video today and thought it was really powerful. It’s trending all over social media now so you may have already seen it, but it’s certainly worth watching a couple of times. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet the backstory is that an outfit called Dégagé Ministries that works in some creative ways to bring dignity to the homeless decided to put together this video of homeless Vet named Jim Wolf.

There are a ton of “take-aways” from this video and you’ll certainly come up with your own, but here are a couple of mine…

1. Helping the disadvantaged is more than just giving them money, food, clothes or a place to sleep. That stuff is needed and is a great start, however what people really need is dignity and respect. When we actually love (action verb) someone enough to bring dignity to them then the opportunity for actually changing lives and growing to greatness becomes much more tangible. Likewise this is not only true with the homeless and downtrodden, it’s true with everyone! Whether it’s your co-worker, a customer, a supplier that you buy from or the telemarketer calling your office, everyone responds better when they are treated with dignity and respect. It’s something to remember…

2. It’s amazing the way that we judge people. The video doesn’t show this but I finished it wondering, “Would I treat Jim differently now? My answer is a resounding “Yes.” He certainly wasn’t a different person except for looks but yet he would be treated differently by most people. He would be looked at in the eye, actually seen, listened to and actually heard and touched with a handshake or a hug without reservation. It’s a constant struggle to not judge someone by their appearance….one we all need to work on.

3. Likewise, this video speaks to me about the importance of being prepared. People will treat you differently when you fit in and although some of us (me included) chaff against that, we need to realize that if we take the time and make the effort to conform our appearance to a certain standard then we’re more likely to be seen and heard.

Anyway, check out the videos and let me know your thoughts!

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