Rodney got a little crazy on a Friday and decided to show us some forklift tricks…like a boss… See what Rodney can pick up with a… well I don’t want to give it away… WATCH THE VIDEO. YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

  • One sure fire way to impress your boss at work is to excel at a skill that sets you a part. How will you stand out? Be the one person that can always fix a paper jam, be the woman who always turns in projects ahead of schedule, be the most organized and well dressed (or not), come up with creative solutions to your companies most common problems, or excel at forklift proficiency.
  • Another way to impress your boss is to find ways to save the company money (just make sure it’s more than a dime.)
  • One way to stand out that often gets over looked is to have fun at work. When people notice that you enjoy your job it can be contagious. If your boss sees you enjoy your work, you can joke appropriately with co-workers and generally be in a good mood that goes along way to improve office moral and company dynamics. And who wants to be around, let alone promote, a Debbie Downer.
  • Manage your time well. Continually seek to find tips and tricks to kick your productivity up a notch.

Of course it helps when you work in a fun environment!

[learn_more caption=”Fun at Presco”] Here at Presco we work hard, from the factory floor to the corner office but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun doing it. When I talk to my co-workers and fellow Presconian employees they all say the same thing, in unison “We drank the orange Kool-Aid, it was better than Cats we’ll drink it again and again.” No, in all seriousness, everyone I talk to is happy to be here. One of the reasons I believe this to be true is that we have fun, a lot of fun. Much of that fun is brought on by the efforts of two awesome ladies in our HR Department. From March Madness bracket challenges to holiday give-a-ways, to company-wide trips to the movies, and tickets to sporting events and concerts, everyone has a good time. Everyone works together to make Presco a safe, productive and really fun place to work.

I am proud to work at Presco because we manufacture American Made Products, we serve our community every time I turn around, the benefits are amazing, our products actually keep America safe in so many ways, and everyone here that I have met so far has some unique story, talent or gift. The video of Rodney flipping a dime and catching it with a forklift fork is just a snip-it into the fun we have at Presco amidst all the hard work and effort that so many people pour into our products. I know it is probably naïve to think that in this world of ours that should mean something to the businesses and companies that buy our products or are considering becoming customers of Presco Products but it should. Presco has a long standing and proud tradition of making quality, American-made products and treating customers to first class customer service. I am proud to be a Presconian! 

And while I don’t drink orange Kool-Aid I did go out & buy an orange golf shirt to match my orange Saucony running shoes.


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