Meet John Qualls, the maintenance facilitator for Presco for 21 years. John says “The thing I like my job is we have a lot of diversity in the work force. We have a lot of different people with different skills sets that all gets us where we need to go. I can choose to work anywhere. I choose Presco.”

Presco has a quantity of quality people working hard every day to make sure we are on the forefront of the PVC Vinyl Film & Marking Products Industry. Both through consistent innovation to improve product quality and durability and on the sales and customer service side to assure our customers of GREAT SERVICE. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make it great experience for the customer from the initial order all the way through to the shipping process.

Presco’s purpose statement is “Your First, Best Place to Buy. Our Last, Best Place to Work. Giving more than is expected, taking less than is allowed.” We are frequently asked to explain our unique Purpose Statement. Not ones to follow, we opted to skip over the generic business jargon and get right to the point. As employees, we have the responsibility to create the best place to buy for our customers and as a company, Presco has the responsibility to create a work environment that promotes growth and fulfillment to its employees.

Presco is a great place to work as John Qualls mentions in the video. Presco has a heart for non-profits, believes strongly in giving back to our community and charitable organizations all over.

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