What are the advantages to stocking a large quantity of Presco marking products?

At Presco, we understand that our marking products are a low percentage of a distributors overall sales volume and can easily be overlooked. However, we also understand that most all of our distributor’s customers use our marking products each and every day. While all of our products may not equal a large portion of distributors overall sales volume percentage, they make up a large percentage of our distributor’s total quantity of items sold. Because of the large quantity of items sold of Presco product, it is best to keep a large inventory of marking products on the shelf for customers to purchase. Also to remember:

  • The more inventory you have in your store, the more “incentive” a branch manager or counter guy has to promote the product.
  • Presco marking products can be used as an “impulse” buy next to the counter. Most all of our distributor’s customers use these products each and every day, they may as well buy them from you.
  • Presco products come in a variety of sizes and colors. Having multiple choices for your customers can help your customers get organized when they are marking their job site.

Another thing to remember, is Presco is different from most other manufacturers. Presco does not want to simply sell you as much product as we can. Presco wants to help YOU sell as much of our product as you can. Buying product to sit on the shelf doesn’t do anyone any good. We want to get the product to your shelf only to help you move as much product out to the market as possible.

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