mowThursday puts a spring in my step. It starts out like any other day and I roll out of bed, grab my breakfast and it’s off to my job at Presco. As I’m driving into work I’m starting to think about my schedule for the day, the things I have to get done, the calls I have to make and wait…it’s Thursday! A smile crosses my face.

Working in a sales role, you must maintain a positive attitude at all times and there are those days when it can be harder than others. Most days my schedule is the same but on the fourth day of the week I do something different. Presco sponsors a Meals on Wheels program and so for a couple of hours I leave work behind and go out and serve my community members. Delivering these meals and interacting with the recipients not only helps them maintain their health with a wholesome hot meal but it has been has been extremely rewarding for me!

Recently, during the summer runs, I met a teenage girl that would meet me at the door when delivering to her mother who is chronically ill. She would barely open the door, never smile or say “hello”, “thank you”, but just take the food and close the door. I now had a mission! I wanted to deliver more often just to see that timid young lady and help change her day, give her a compliment, talk about the weather, whatever it takes even if it’s just for a short while. Well, over the course of a few months, she has really come out of her shell. She smiles, and actually comes out of the house eager to say “hello” and “thank you”. She even talked to me about her new hair style.

I understand we are serving meals to certain individuals but the message serves so many around the individual. As Meals on Wheels drivers we represent kindness, trust and the simple gesture that someone cares. As humans we are built for relationship and contact that we have with others. It builds our self esteem and gives us hope. It warms my heart and makes me hopeful that somehow we may have a positive impact on others to reach out and help someone as well. It’s not hard to do but it does take a little time. Time that we all have to give if we share in the responsibility to take care of each other.

I was first given the opportunity to deliver for Meals on Wheels 4 years ago thru my employer, Presco, who is very dedicated to helping our community. It had been years since I had participated in the MOW program as I convinced myself I was just “too busy”. However the ironic thing is that I have actually become more productive from my engaging in giving back. I come in fired up and get a lot completed before I leave for my driving turn. When I return I am filled with energy and again, work with more enthusiasm than normal. In addition, my respect for my employer grows and I become even more invested in Presco and the good of the company because I see their commitment to helping others in the community. I’m so glad that Presco took such an interest in supporting Meals on Wheels. I’m hooked on Thursdays!

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