meganWe get a lot of people who ask for product donations to make art and now that I’m the marketing director these have all started to make their way across my desk.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love art.  However, the first ten or twelve that I looked at were not what I would consider art or even attractive.  Then came Megan Geckler.  One of our sales gurus, Sherry Qualls, brought her to my attention with the words, “This one is different; take a look.”  Was she ever right!  I say mesmerized as I watched Megan’s time lapse videos, checked out photos and read all about the process.

The first day I started work at Presco, Chris Pendergrass took me for a tour through our manufacturing plant.  As I saw all of the state of the art machines, the well trained workers, our testing lab, and heard the history of the company from Chris I was really impressed.  However, as an artist myself, I was most blown away by the beauty of the warehouse.  Stacked from floor to roof was our pvc vinyl, hot off the press and just waiting to be turned into stake flags, barricade tape or roll flagging, but for now….just sitting, looking beautiful in all of it’s colors.  I thought to myself, this would be a photographers dream.

Megan Geckler evidently saw the potential in this simple, colorful pvc as well and has now crafted some amazing artistic pieces from it.  It’s an honor really to know that not only we supplying companies with the highest quality marking products, but that someone like this artist can come along and take out product in an entirely new and different direction and create something beautiful.  Every now and then somebody will surprise you and this is always a wonderful thing.  Thanks Megan!

Check out one of Megan’s time lapse videos below…

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