Tabby Kat's Snake Friend

Tabby Kat’s Snake Friend

I can truly say there is never a dull moment at Presco! Whether it’s checking out the cool machines in the plant, watching the engineers and the extrusion process, listening to the sales guys regale us with their travel stories, and of course the fun events HR puts on to create a fun atmosphere around here. Then there is the marketing department itself, creating content from blog posts to fun, informative videos and all the art work that goes into marketing and even onto our marking products.

But sometimes the fun is totally unexpected and completely unplanned. Like yesterday mornings example. Our Art Director, Clayton Chancy, was speaking with our Director of Customer Service, Tabatha Rangel, in her office when he noticed a snake in the corner of her window. Clayton said “Is that a snake?” and immediately lamented to himself that he probably just ruined someones attempted prank on our very own Tabby Cat. Clayton is also a fitness instructor and he said he had never seen anyone move out from behind their desk so fast.

Tabatha was behind him before he realized it saying “Is it real?” As Clayton got closer he was certain that it was just a very good replica, he said “Until it moved, that is!”

Snake on a Plain

Snake on a Plain

Richard Maness and Matthew Hendrickson in our maintenance department came to the rescue. Armed with a step ladder, trash can, broom stick, pliers and a grabby claw thing (I apologize for using such a technical term). After Clayton and I badgered the snake up into the ceiling tiles the real men got to work. The only thing that would have made it better was if Richard had an Australian accent like the Crocodile Hunter and Matthew had a Kentucky accent and fewer teeth like the Turtle Man. The event was very traumatic for our customer service ladies so I am glad I was there as an eyewitness to get some quotes for you to include in this story.

Tabatha was quoted as saying “#&$@#%” (Hey this is a family show!)

Jessica Holley hasn’t spoken a single word since that tragic day, yesterday.

Becky McCleese, was heard running down the hall and we still haven’t found her.

and Melanie Rhoades “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

So from me, and everyone else here at Presco, we hope you have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

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