NJ Pesticide Application Signs

Post signs around the treated property at the start of the application and for at least 24 hours following the application or longer if required according to re-entry precautions given on the pesticide product label. The signs conform to the following requirements:
The signs shall bear the words “Pesticide Treated Area” or their equivalent in letters at least 1/2 inch high;
The signs shall also contain a minimum two-inch diameter circular illustration, in standard international signage, depicting an adult and a child on a lawn walking a dog on a leash. The illustration shall depict by means of a diagonal line across the circle that this action is prohibited.
The signs shall also bear the name of the applicator or applicator license number only if not employed by a pesticide applicator business;
iv. If the application is made by a pesticide applicator business, the name of the applicator business or the business license number;
v. The telephone number of the applicator or applicator business;
vi. The signs shall be placed in such a manner:
(1) That they are clearly legible from all streets fronting the treated property and principal accesses to the treated area and also at reasonable intervals around the perimeter of that part of the treated area which may be reasonably accessed by the public and/or the residents;
Clarification on Silver Flag Law
DEP Reminds Pesticide Applicators to Follow Current “Turf and Ornamental Notification Signage” Requirements
Who is affected by this advisory?
All commercial pesticide applicators and businesses who apply pesticides to control turf or ornamental pests.
Why is DEP issuing this advisory?
The Department is aware that there is misinformation circulating among the commercial turf and ornamental pesticide applicators regarding DEP’s current requirements for turf and ornamental signage. This misinformation stems from the passage of bill S-755 by the New Jersey State Senate on November 18, 2013. This bill would have required every commercial pesticide applicator to use uniform silver flags to mark areas on which pesticides have been applied. The flags used would be
silver in color, uniform in size and type and provide information in English and Spanish. However, this bill did not become law during the 2012-2013 session of the Legislature.
Although the legislation has been re-introduced in the 2014-2015 session of the Legislature as A-1769, no action has been taken on the bill as of March 27, 2014. In the event the bill is passed by the Legislature and becomes law, the DEP Pesticide Control Program will adopt any new requirements into regulations and inform the regulated community.
What is DEP doing?
The Department is issuing this Advisory to inform you that the regulations regarding turf and ornamental signage have NOT changed as of March 2014. If A-1769 becomes law, the DEP Pesticide Control Program will adopt these new requirements into regulations. Effective dates for any new requirements will be established that allow time for compliance.
What should I do?
Continue to follow the current New Jersey Pesticide Control Program regulations for turf and ornamental notification signage, which includes the following requirements:
The signs must be white in color and bear the words, “Pesticide Treated Area” in letters at least one-half inch high;
All of the information required must be printed in a dark color, which sufficiently contrasts with the white background of the signs;
There is NO uniform size and type requirement for the flag; and There is NO requirement for the information to be in English and Spanish.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Compliance & Enforcement
Issued: March 27, 2014 #2014-05 COMPLIANCE ADVISORY
Who should I contact with questions?
For general or regulatory questions please contact the DEP Pesticide Control Program’s Bureau of Pesticide Compliance at (609) 984-6568.
Where can I get more information?
For all of the turf and ornamental flag posting requirements see N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.13 at http://pcpnj.org/pcp-regs.htm
The text and status of the pending legislation can be viewed on the New Jersey Legislature web site at: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/Default.asp


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