Presco Tough Sticks is just one of the ways in which Presco is constantly on the look-out for ways to innovate and serve our customers better. Several months ago we had one of our distributors come to us with a request to look at making pesticide chemical application warning signs and sticks more durable for the outdoor environment they are meant to be placed in.  These warning cards and the sticks themselves serve a very important purpose of protecting the public and serving public safety.  The sticks themselves were falling, breaking and failing to hold up the signs they were intended to display. The cards, nor the sticks, were sturdy enough or resilient enough in the outdoor elements such as wind and rain. The new Tough Sticks are more bendable and resilient, able the bend in the wind rather than be blown down. They come with a new Presco innovated wing-tip design that holds your flag in place and stops the flag from sliding down to the bottom of the flag.

We are really excited about this new Presco product and the potential it has to help our distributors with regard to their sales and reputation with customers. These sticks are going to stand firm and help grow a distributors reputation as solution-oriented, customer-minded business partners and solidify them in the customers mind as the go-to store for all their marking product needs.

Along with the Tough Sticks Presco has been researching and working hard behind the scenes to develop our new Presco Pesticide Sign Zone website. The pesticide and fertilizer industry has become increasingly and heavily regulated in this country. We have worked hard to study these regulations and if you go to Prescosigns.com you will see a click-able map and can find your state (or your customer’s state) to make sure to order the correct Pesticide Application signs that meet the EPA and state guidelines allowing them to comply with the correct codes.



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