When you choose Presco you’re selecting a company that is committed to quality, committed to constant innovation and committed to the growth of your profitability.

At Presco we’re the total solution. We produce product lines that are formulated and engineered to the exact specifications of each industry. We hire sales representatives that have worked in the industries we manage, so we know your industry. Since 1950 we’ve been delivering the quality products that you need to serve your customers in the field.

“How is Presco committed to innovation” you ask? Our products speak for themselves! Look at our awesome line of “Buy American Act” compliant products, our multiple products in the environmentally friendly “Green” category, and our Texas Roll Flagging specifically chemically re-engineered by the mad scientists at Presco to with stand -20F temperatures, extreme heat, and Texas shaped embossing pattern that has become the standard, asked for by name in the Survey industry, and Arctic Roll Flagging that has a rating of -40F temperature resistance, that has become the standard in the Forestry industry.

Another way Presco is innovating is our product pipeline. Just check out our Custom Art Interface designed to help our distributors make more custom stake flag orders, faster. Also our new Distributor Locator “Where to Buy” page to help customers find somewhere in their area they can buy Presco Products. And now as we start to make historic shift in the business model of Presco as we make a push into retail space for the first time in our history! Not to mention embracing new Social Media marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Since 1975, Presco has extruded vinyl film in the great state of Texas. Presco controls the three drivers of manufacturing vinyl film: Tooling, Process and Formulation.

Controlling the full process in house allows Presco to provide customers with highly engineered films which can improve the physical characteristics of products in industries such as mining, medical, floor covering, military tent, awning, etc.

Pres-Flex Engineered Film is 100% Made in the USA!

You’ve got a choice. Ask for quality. Ask for durability. Ask for Presco. Learn more about Presco go to at http://www.Presco.com

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