The Presco Marking Products catalog which contains detailed descriptions and specs of all of our products is now available online. The catalog is available in pdf format which you can read online or download to your computer. Whether you are one of our long time distributors or a company that is just starting a relationship with us, we think that this catalog will give you a great tool to learn more about us and the products and services that we offer.

We believe that this catalog will be an invaluable resource for our distributors as well and a great sales aid to use with customers.  We also offer an extended copy of the catalog which is combined into a “Sample Book,”  a high quality branded binder that includes not only the full color catalog but specs and samples of each of our products.  Thius book is offered for free to any of our distributors.  If you would like to request a sample book please contact us.

The Table of Contents of the Catalog follow:

CATALOGMarking Flags

  • Solid & Printed Marking Flags
  • Marking Flag Staff Specifications & Packaging
  • Day/Night Visibility Marking Flags
  • Marking Flag Insertion Tool
  • Striped High Profile Marking Flags
  • Biodegradable Marking Flags & Staffs

Barricade Tape

  • Barricade Tape
  • Day/Night Visibility Barricade Tape
  • High Visibility PVC Barricade Tape
  • Biodegradable Barricade Tape
  • Woven Barricade Tape

Adhesive Marking Tape

  • Hazard/Warning Tape — Striped
  • Aisle Marking Tape — Solid

Underground Warning Tape

  • Detectable Underground Warning Tape
  • Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Roll Flagging

  • Solid Color Roll Flagging
  • Printed Roll Flagging
  • Patterned Roll Flagging
  • Day/Night Visibility Roll Flagging
  • Nursery Roll Flagging
  • SizeRiteTM Pocket Flagging
  • Biodegradable Roll Flagging
  • Roll Flagging Belt Dispenser

Presco Extruded Film

  • Special Width PVC
  • Customized Film

Marking Whiskers

  • Marking WhiskersTM

Specialty Marking Products

  • Easy Tear-Off MarkersTM
  • Pennant Flags
  • Aerial Paneling
  • Aerial Targets
  • Panasonic Alkaline Batteries

Paint & Chalk

  • Krylon Industrial Quick-MarkTM Inverted Marking Paint
  • Krylon Industrial Quick-MarkTM Inverted Marking Chalk
  • Krylon Inverted Marking Wands
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