It has been a crazy, busy week at Presco as proven by our shipping department hitting an all time high 1 day goal. A big part of that productivity was Presco’s new launch into the retail chain Home Depot. Presco is proud to announce that you can now buy Presco Vibrant Roll Flagging in both Pink Glo and Orange Glo in Home Depot stores across this great nation.

Need to mark some trees for clearing out? Need to mark some stakes for your property lines? Maybe you need to just tie a streamer off to make that lumber visible as you drive it home in your pick-up for that honey-do project you have in the back yard. Presco Vibrant Roll Flagging is available at your neighborhood Home Depot and online.

We at Presco could not be more proud to partner with Home Depot to make our quality, American-made products available to the masses. Go out and look for it, ask for it by name and you’ll see that quality, durability and value that can only be found in Presco’s roll flagging tape.

About Presco Vibrant Roll Flagging

Presco Professional Grade Roll Flagging is colorful and highly visible flagging tape that is the most durable, longest-lasting outdoor flagging available anywhere thanks to our proprietary formulations and annealing. This flagging tape is the professional’s choice because it is vibrant and bright and withstands the elements. It’s perfect for any project.

  • Three times the standard colorfastness and brightness
  • Durable tensile strength
  • Presco roll flagging is the most asked for flagging by industry professionals in surveying, construction, forestry, nursery, mining, geophysics, hardware, and oil exploration
  • Last longer

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