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What a busy week it has been? I hope you find these Friday posts beneficial as  I try to curate some of the best articles from around the web with a business bent. Helping with management and leadership issues, productivity tips, sales and negotiation tactics, creative inspiration and motivation, and a few things that get me excited like new technology and apps. Let me know what you would like to see here: More on Leadership? Productivity pointers? Cool Gadgets and helpful apps? Here are Friday’s must reads of the week in the opinion of this writer/graphic designer/social media enthusiast/mac lover.


5 Habits Working Parents Should Abandon Immediately (link)

When Brainstorming Doesn’t Work Try This Technique (link)

Quote of the Week: Be A Quitter (link)



Video: Use this Trick to Boost Productivity on Big Projects* (The Pomodoro Technique)

*There is a 30 second ad you have to watch.

Bonus: Pomodoro apps are easy to find from simple timers to entire Pomodoro To Do systems. Search the Apple or Android stores for the option that is best for you.



15 Super Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses (link)

How to Write a Killer Sales Email (link)



Facebook Will Start Forcing Users Over to Messenger in the Next Few Days (link)

Facebook’s New Save Button is Actually Useful (link)


The Internet of Things

Nod (link)

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