How we can help you increase sales and profitability

Our products are carried all over the world through thousands of distributors.  Like any well run organization, we track everything and then analyze that data so that we can become better.    As we do so,  we start to find that our distributors fit into two different categories, those who make a lot of money carrying […]

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The power of an “afterthought” product in sales

It’s a simple 6 word question. Every sales associate was trained on it. Every American knows it and has heard those 6 words over and over again. That simple question has made billions of dollars in sales. Would you like fries with that? The goal of this company was simple… if you walked into the […]

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Why Partner With Presco?

There are three main reasons why a consumer chooses a product.  Price Quality Relationship Let’s tackle each of these briefly and let you know why exactly you should be selling and using Presco products. Price Consumers are always worried about price.  We all want deals and we want to get the best products and services […]

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Presco Press Release: Branded Cores Launch

Quality has been at the CORE of who we are at Presco for years. We pride ourselves on making quality American goods and serving us customers well. Since quality is what you should expect from Presco as one of our core values you will soon be seeing our public statement of this in our new […]

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Just the FAQ’s Ma’am: Sales Rep CJ Freeman Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to include custom labels for an inventory management system? Yes, we can create custom bar-coded labels to fit different specifications. Ask your Presco account manager to help create a custom program for your company. Does Presco offer custom branded marketing collateral for my sales staff to use? Yes, our marketing team is […]

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Presco Quick Facts: What Do Barricade Tape and Lumber Have in Common?

What do barricade tape and lumber have in common? Quite a lot actually… Lumber is measured in inches and known by names like 2×4, 2×6 or 1×3. Barricade tape is measured in MIL thickness and has names like 2 Mil, 3 Mil, and 4 Mil. These names, although industry standards, are not accurate, nor are […]

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Just the FAQs Ma’am: Sales Rep Sherry Qualls Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to end users? NO – Presco sells primarily through channels of distribution. Can you refer me to a distributor? YES – We have a distributor referral locator tool on our website. Do you drop ship and is there a fee? YES – We can drop ship with our standard packing slip and […]

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Just The FAQs Ma’am: Presco Sales Rep Wade Wilson Answers A Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages to stocking a large quantity of Presco marking products? At Presco, we understand that our marking products are a low percentage of a distributors overall sales volume and can easily be overlooked. However, we also understand that most all of our distributor’s customers use our marking products each and every day. […]

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Just the FAQs Ma’am: Sales Rep Sean Cash Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have part numbers you can supply me? A: Yes we do have stock legends that can be found on our website* or you can log into Presco Connect and look at your last order for the desired part number. *If you go to our website there is a link on each one […]

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