So you’re using Go To Meeting now like you should be? Awesome! Let’s take it to the next level….

If you’re like us here at Presco you’re constantly striving to learn new ways to better serve your customers. Sometimes these new way work great, other times well…not so well… It’s all about coming up with goals and ideas, measuring them for effectiveness and then adapting them and changing them until they are really working. Go To Meeting has been one of those strategies that has been a real boon for us. What we find over and over is that it’s a bit difficult sometimes to get our distributors to actually make the meetings but then once they do they love it and are really impressed that we’re focused on increasing our technology to better serve them. You may be experiencing the same thing.

What we want to do now is start combining our Go To Meeting experiences with one of our other goals- video testimonials. Video is 80 times more viewed than text and so you can quickly see the importance of a video testimonial. We’re doing these with professional video companies, doing it in our marketing department with a decent $1000 camera and we’re doing it in the field on an iphone. Basically, anywhere and everywhere we can. Our business is built on our customers being happy and spreading the word so this is important to us. Our next step is how to incorporate this philosophy into the end of a successful webinar with G2M. Luckily I found this great video tutorial that walks you through the entire process…

Let me know how it works for you!

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