Saint Agatha Church in Columbus, Ohio recently requested their annual donation of roll flagging.  Every year around this time the parishioners at Saint Agatha gather together to make their annual float entry into their local 4th of July parade. So as they reached out to us for a donation I decided to reach out to the m to get the full scope (or full scoop) of what they are doing. Every year Presco donates some roll flagging to Saint Agatha. Along with the roll flagging and a lot of chicken wire they create something amazing.  I must admit when Karen Spain-Blunk told me that they were going to be using our roll flagging, cutting it into strips and tying it onto a frame create chicken wire, I was a not fully aware of the size and the scope this project takes on.  I was not imagining anything near the size and accomplishment of the pictures they provide. These pictures not only show the sheer undertaking these floats are to roll out there on the parade route each year, they tell a story.









What is see here can be a life lesson in how to accomplish great things as a community through the story these pictures tell.

  • Every one is working together
  • Everyone is having a good time…smiles abound.
  • It’s a family affair
  • EVERYONE is working together (I already said that, what I mean is) Young and old, side by side, doing their part
  • Everyone plays an important role. It may take skilled labor to fashion and shape the chicken wire but it’s just as important to wield the scissors and cut the flagging to a uniform length.
  • In the pictures you can not tell who is in charge. I like that — You know there is a leader because it is such a huge accomplishment and so well organized but no one stands out in the pictures as the person over on the sideline holding a megaphone and clipboard

Just to let you know Saint Agatha has won several of the past parades with their amazing floats or been runner up with Best Float. They take chicken wire and shape it into the objects they need for their float. They take the roll flagging that has been gifted to them by Presco and cut into strips. They then tie these onto the chicken wire frame to bring the float to life. Take a look at the pictures above and below and you will see everything from Disney World’s Worlds Magic Kingdom and famous Tea Cup ride, to The Ohio State University football helmet (uhem, can  I interject a  Hook Em Horns here) and my favorite the Eagle and American Flag float. Can you imagine the flagging waving in the wind while that float is in motion? I bet the eagle and flag looked spectacular.



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