There are three main reasons why a consumer chooses a product.

  1.  Price
  2. Quality
  3. Relationship

Let’s tackle each of these briefly and let you know why exactly you should be selling and using Presco products.


presco_partConsumers are always worried about price.  We all want deals and we want to get the best products and services at the cheapest prices.  However, the price of something needs to take into account it’s “value” and our “need” for it.  For example, if I need a new pair set for my car, I have many options.  I can go “cheap” and spend less money.  I might walk out happy because the immediate expenditure was much lower than expected.  But, was the overall value good?  Will those tires keep me safe on the road?  Will the last a long time? Will they work well?  If I do the math, many times I will save money in the long run by getting tires that bring me more value because I will have less of a maintenance cost and have to replace them less frequently.

On the flip side, do I need the gold plated tires that are 5x the cost and perform all sorts of amazing feats?  Probably not.

At Presco, we believe in bringing our customers “value” and our focus is on the education of our sales partners so that they can confidently approach potential customers with the information needed to get them what they need, and make their lives easier and safer.


Presco has been a proud American manufacturer for over 70 years.  Anything that leaves our plant with our name on it has gone through Presco Pride testing.  We don’t simply follow the rules  that we have to.  We exceed those.  We are innovative,  consistent, determined and proud.  We stand behind all of our products for this reason.  When our customers see the Presco brand they know they can expect quality.   Now…everybody says this… so let me give you an example.

In one of our surveys, we had some customers tell us that some of the ink on the printed legend was rubbing off the Barricade Tape.  We took everything back to the drawing board and found out that in the shipping process some of the tape was rubbing against the side of the cardboard box.  We addressed this three ways:

  1.  We went through all of our boxing and made changes to ensure that the products had a snug fit.
  2.  We tested all of our competition’s products and found that they struggled with this as well.
  3.  We changed our ink to a more expensive and better quality ink.

The problem was solved.  Presco ink no longer rubs off.  We encourage you to give this a try.  Grab a roll of tape and a piece of cardboard and start scratching….


People buy from companies that they are in relationship with.   Loyalty is still an American value.  At Presco we have invested in this heavily.  We are actively seeking to build relationships with our vendors and our customers and we are ready and willing to spend the time to make this happen.  All of our Key Account Representatives are trained to not simply sell products, but to build relationships with our vendors and assist them in every way possible.

We encourage you to give us a try and experience the Presco Difference!  Reach out today!

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