Why use pesticide stake flags and fertilizer application warning signs? Because it’s the law! Every state has guidelines and regulations covering the proper notification of pesticide application and fertilizer application. Most if not all state require application warning signs or application warning flags. It maybe hard to find these rules and laws governing your state so we made it easy to come to Presco and find your state laws governing pesticide notification along with the EPA guidelines which pertain to federal laws concerning pesticide notification.

Why use these pesticide flags and signs? Besides the fact that it is the law. It is just the right thing to do. These flags are the number one defense in protecting unsuspecting bystanders or passers-by that the park or front yard or business lawn has been chemically treated. Pesticide treated areas require pesticide application signs and state required lawn signs for fertilizer, chemical treatments and more so people know to stay off for the duration of the of the sign or until the area is dry. Not only do they know to keep themselves out of harm’s way but they can also keep their children and pets safe. No one ever wants to suffer from pesticide poisoning and certainly no one wants to be responsible for someone getting sick from exposure. And as you are reading this if you wondering about signs and symptoms of pesticide exposure check this site out with an almost encyclopedic thoroughness and breakdown of the types of pesticides and their various symptoms of exposure.

Put signs up because:

-It’s the right thing do
-Signs save lives
-Keep innocent children and animals safe
-Provides not only a warning but often also a notice of when things are safe again (24 hours, 48 hours, or until dry)
-It’s the law!

Hopefully now you know why to use pesticide warning signs! And know where to go to these signs or flags because Presco has created a one stop point on the internet where you can get all your state and legal questions answered and order the specific pesticide signs for flagging lawns after chemical application. We handle printing custom pesticide application signs so you can handle the rest of your business. We created a map you can use to hover your state with the mouse to find all the info you need about the laws and information out there that can be confusing or hard to find.

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