Whether you are running a big business or a small single location shop you need to be communicating with not only your current customers, but also all of the potential customers out there. There are a lot of ways to do this but as with anything there are some basic first steps that if you refuse to start with you’re missing out on huge potential returns. The most important of these basic steps is getting a company blog. Why? Three reasons….

cat_blog1. You care about Search engine optimization, want to improve your rankings and be found on search engines like Google.
Search engines all use algorithms to determine what content shows up and is ranked. Every single one of them care most about frequently updated, relevant content. There is simply no easier way to do this than with a blog.

2. You want to be where your customers are.
Simply put… your customers read content on the internet. The most efficient way to add content to the internet is a blog. In addition it is simple to connect a blog to all of the available social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and once again…that is where your customers are.

3. You want to make your life easy.
You have a job and it does not say “Web Designer” on your business cards. Why struggle to become one then? With a blog you can quickly, simply and efficiently create and add content to the internet without learning a ton of new skills or becoming a web master.

4.  You want to build trust.
Having a company blog lets you become the expert in your field. Statistics show that more than 80% of people who read company blogs trust the advice they read. This is staggering. You have an immediate and simple way to build trust with your customers and potential customers.

5.  You want to generate leads
Statistics also show that companies with blogs generate 126% more leads. Now is this all because of blogs? Maybe. More likely it is that companies that are embracing the use of a blog are also embracing other mediums like social media and e-newsletters that are all working in harmony to advance their leads. Either way a blog is an important part of this.

For Tech Talk Tuesday next week I’ll cover exactly how you can add a company blog to your existing website.

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