You have probably heard about the “Taco Licker” by now.  taco_lickerThe photo was taken at a Taco Bell and posted to the companies official Facebook Page and within days went viral culminating in the licker getting fired for improper handling of food.  Now Taco Bell says that the photo was taken after a training session and the shells were on their way to the garbage but still….pretty revolting.  Plenty of other folks have write ups of the story itself so I’ll let them tell it. My thoughts were a little bit different.

My first thought on seeing this picture was “You get what you pay for.”  I’ve worked some minimum jobs in my younger years and to be honest, I didn’t really care all that much about them and did some pretty stupid things as well (although I never licked taco shells.)  I’m sure if you reflect back you can think of some pretty goofy things you did also while working a tediously long and boring job that you didn’t care much about….

So, here’s the deal.  You get what you pay for.  If you’re going to pay minimum wage and have a transitory work force then guess what?  You’re going to get immature kids who do funny things like lick tacos.  This is just common sense.  If you want to serious, invested employees who care about your company and treat it as good or better than they would treat themselves, then treat them right and help them rise to greatness.  In other words, “you get what you pay for.”

In our industry we’re not always the cheapest.  You can get cheaper products by going overseas or even from some other folks right here in the USA.  However, at the risk of being too repetitive…you get what you pay for.   Let me tell you what that means for us at Presco…

1.  Our employees love working here.  Presco treats it’s employees very well and honestly I’ve never worked anywhere where I felt such comraderie and loyalty.  In fact, it’s the reason I took this job.  In all honesty I don’t care a whole lot about barricade tape, stake flags or roll flagging.  What I do care about is Presco, our owners Waymon and Joe, our customers and helping to deliver the best possible product at the best possible price in the best possible manner to our distributors.  Working at Presco for me is a lot like living in Texas.  I’m proud of my state and proud of my job.  This is loyalty.

2.  We appreciate and respect our distributors.  This might sound cliche but let me give you a concrete example of how we prove this everyday.  We have been asked over and over again to sell our products directly.  We have even been advised by others that it would be good business to do so.  However, if we took this step  then we would be in direct competition with our customers who are distributors of our products.  This would not be cool.  Many of our “competitors” do exactly this and we could probably get away with it too.  However, it’s not our bag.  We feel like it would be a real lack of support for our customers and so we just don’t do it.  This is loyalty.

If you’re one of our distributors…thanks you!  We appreciate our relationship and thank you for your business.  If there’s anything we can do to improve this relationship we’re a phone call away.  If you’re not a distributor yet we invite you to reach out to one of our sales staff or customer service team.  We would love to talk with you and show you what Presco can do for your business.  Remember…you get what you pay for.  Give us a chance to make a believer out of you!


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