Two Presco team members were pleased to attend the first annual AMI Medical Fluid Bag conference in Boston, held recently on October 12 and 13th, 2017. Participating in this conference was a good opportunity to connect with other businesses in the medical films market as our presence here grows. Several compounders, testing labs, medical packaging companies, and raw material suppliers such as Eastman participated in this event. The Vinyl Institute gave an informative presentation on the current projects they are undertaking.

People in the industry are starting to recognize what Presco Polymers provides to the medical market. Presco was the only film supplier to have a table top exhibit, which was extremely well-received. Our new EVA formulation, for example, got the most attention. Presco added Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film extrusion to our capabilities in 2017. This is noteworthy because EVA is a member of the polyolefin family and offers the first PVC-free manufacturing option for Presco Engineered Film.

The conference included in-depth presentations regarding medical film or bag manufacturing by the various companies in attendance. The presentation that stood out the most was one given by fetal physiologist Dr. Marcus Davey, who invented and designed an artificial womb for severely premature babies. Upon birth, the babies would be immediately put into a medical plastic bag, which could be made of either PVC or EVA. There, they continue to develop and grow for another four weeks until their lungs are developed. The bag uses the umbilical cord, fluid, and oxygen, just as the natural womb would do. It has been proven to work with sheep and is now in the midst of the FDA approval process.

All in all, this was a very good conference for Presco. We enjoyed the chance to meet and talk directly with people in the medical bag industry, and want to thank the conference organizers for putting together such a valuable event.

Presco is America’s premier manufacturer of customized vinyl and EVA films. We have built a 70-year reputation for extraordinary service and satisfaction, and continually focus on exceeding our customer’s needs by delivering not just products, but solutions.

Not only is EVA an alternative to PVC film for regulatory motivations, the physical characteristics of EVA are suitable for other applications where increased toughness, cold crack resistance, and yield are preferred. To learn more, please visit today.