The Halloween season is upon us, and with that comes loads of excitement, costumes, candy, but most of all FUN! When getting the kiddos ready to go out trick or treating it’s easy to get caught up in the pleasant chaos of the moment, that’s why Presco wants to equip you with some helpful tips before heading out the door this year.

Stay Well-Lit– Gear up with a flashlight or glow sticks to protect your family from potential hazards when walking down the roads. Glow sticks are not only fun for the kids to hold onto, but they can keep their brightness for nearly 12 hours if you follow the freezing method found HERE.

Costumes Should Fit Properly– As parents, we know that the younger the child, the less coordination and balance they tend to have. To avoid the possibility of trips and falls (and a long wait in the ER) take an extra moment to make sure that new Frozen costume isn’t dragging the floor while walking. Check out THIS site to find some guidance on last-minute costume alterations (that are quick and easy)

 Accompany the Kiddos– When they are small, they want to hold your hand and be carried when they get tired of making the long walk around the neighborhood, but in a few short years they will want to fly solo with their group of friends. Of course, this is the teenage “rite of passage,” but if maturity is an issue, there is nothing wrong with staying an “embarrassing-free distance” from their group when trick or treating this year. Don’t get tricked, its ok to be strict!

Check that Candy– Not only will you want to remove any candy that could cause young children to choke (i.e., gum, hard candies, etc.), but it is imperative to make sure that your children do NOT accept or eat, candy that is not commercially wrapped. If it looks homemade, unwrapped, or torn in any way, THROW IT OUT. For more information on what to look for inside your kids trick or treat bag, check out THIS handy site.

Use Flexible Props– Don’t risk poking those eyes out! Make sure all costume accessories such as swords, knives and similar items are short, flexible and soft to avoid serious injuries.

Use Caution on the Sidewalks/Streets– “On average, twice as many children are hit and killed but cars between the hours of 4 pm and 10 pm on Halloween.” Make sure kids stay on the sidewalk, look both ways before crossing the street and always walk together. Using crosswalks when possible is one of the best ways to keep those accidents from happening.

Here at Presco, safety is key, and we want to ensure all of your ghoulish ghosts and happy haunters get the most out of their trick-or-treating experience this year.