Jason Lyons, Marking Products Operations Manager, shares with us how Presco’s constant commitment to quality has resulted in the utilization of new ink for our tapes that is more steadfast.

How to improve any product?

1. “Alright Stop! Collaborate and Listen:”  Acknowledge Your Customers Concerns.
We heard from customers and saw for ourselves that our tape ink was not as durable as our tape itself and we listened to our customers concerns that the ink sometimes rubbed off or was easily scratched. Alright we stopped (paused for consideration), collaborated with our customers and listened to their concerns.

2. “If there is a problem…:”  Admit When There is a Problem.
We didn’t just acknowledge that it was happening we took ownership and said yes it’s happening and we are going to do something to improve the situation.

3. “Yo, I’ll solve it!:”  Take action!
We saw a problem and addressed the issue. We sought a solution (albeit in this instance one that was easily perceptible) found a new ink vendors, tested the application and made the decision to go with a new more durable ink.

4. “Ice is back with a brand new invention:” Innovate, Improvise, Improve!”
Now our Barricade Tape line IS *New and Improved*. Ok so this is not a brand new invention here, just a huge improvement and really did Robbie Van Winkle come with a brand new invention, let alone improve upon anything. If you want more business insight from rap pioneers, check out this article on the Beastie Boys’ seminal masterpiece Paul’s Boutique.

5. “Anything less than the best is a felony:” Keep striving to offer the best.
Improving your product should be a continual focus. If you think maintaining the status quo (even in a product market that might be see sweeping changes that often) then you are moving backwards. If you think you aren’t loosing ground by standing still then you are simply wrong. The status quo allows you to feel as if you are not moving but rest assured you are loosing ground as those behind you catch up, gain momentum and pass you. Your competitors won’t rest so why should you? “You better hit bull’s eye, the kid don’t play.” One day I hope Presco can offer Marking Products that would seem as though they were conceived in The Jetson’s flying car era.

Oh and look here even Ice has attempted to reinvent and maybe improve upon an old classic:

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