Under the Presco umbrella, there are two distinct product lines

Marking Products

Engineered Films

Our Marking Product line includes barricade tape, roll flagging, marking flags, Krylon marking paint and many more which are manufactured right here in Sherman, Texas. Our Marking Products are sold through a network of very knowledgeable distributors who represent the Presco brand with the utmost professionalism.

In addition to the manufacturing of Marking Products, Presco also compounds and extrudes flexible vinyl film. Our film is sold to other manufacturers who utilize it in their manufacturing process.

How It All Began

The story begins in 1942… when a young Texas entrepreneur, Robert “Earl” McMackin, developed and patented the stadia rod to help seismologists search for oil.

Our Purpose Statement

We are frequently asked to explain our unique Purpose Statement. Not ones to follow, we opted to skip over the generic business jargon and get right to the point.

Our People

From our corporate leadership and our Research and Development team, to our machine operators and customer service, Presconians are what makes the difference!



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