The story begins in 1942…

when a young Texas entrepreneur, Robert “Earl” McMackin, developed and patented the stadia rod to help seismologists search for oil.

Precision Specialties Company was born the following year in Dallas, Texas. Earl spent the next nine years in the field with the professionals who used his products. By 1950, Precision Specialties Company patented portable breast reels and multiple tools for the down-hole handling of dynamite, continuing the innovation that started the company. Additionally, Precision Specialties began the custom fabrication of other sheet metal seismic supplies.

While servicing companies in the geological field, additional needs for other quality supplies became apparent. Earl and his son, Edwin “Ed” McMackin, began purchasing slit cheese cloth, one of the first materials used for roll flagging. Eventually, non-woven materials gave way to vinyl as the roll flagging material of choice. Other marking product requests continued to reach Earl, products such as wire marking flags.

Seeing an opportunity to expand their operation, Earl and Ed built their first stake flag machine in 1953.

While the demand for their seismic equipment dwindled, the market demand for roll flagging continued to increase. Precision Specialties purchased slitting equipment and in 1956 began slitting finished roll flagging for their customers. At this time, Precision Specialties was a full family operation that included Earl and Hazel McMackin, Ed and Zeyphene McMackin and their son, Waymon.

In 1966, the reigns were turned over to Ed. He and his son, Waymon, began exploring ways to increase the efficiencies of their marking product manufacturing line. Desires to vertically integrate lead them to investigate internally producing PVC film for roll flagging and stake flags. In 1975, the first sellable pound of PVC material was extruded by Precision Specialties Company. The vertical integration allowed material formulation changes, which improved the performance characteristics of the stake flags and roll flagging. As the market recognized the company’s ability to produce customized requests, Ed began to recognize a need from surveyors for a more ‘industrial’ roll flagging. To distinguish the new superior grade of roll flagging from the competition, Ed embossed the state of Texas throughout the film.

It came to be known as Texas Grade Roll Flagging and today, Texas Roll Flagging remains the preferred choice among professional surveyors.

Many changes occurred at Precision Specialties Company in 1979. The year began with Ed naming Waymon president of the company. After his appointment, Waymon was determined to revamp the marking products brand. From PREcision Specialties COmpany came PRESCO. Waymon and his Presco team then decided to turn their focus on expanding the marking products line. The expansion included manufacturing barricade tape, underground warning tapes and other marking products. Along side the marking products expansion was an initiative to sell the Presco extruded PVC film to other manufacturers and in 1981, Presco landed their first engineered film customer.


In 1989, Waymon relocated the company to Sherman, Texas. The move afforded Presco the opportunity to expand their manufacturing capabilities in an area rich with skilled industrial workers. The community of Sherman continues to provide Presco with wonderful employees who have fueled the growth and success of Presco. As poor health forced Ed to take a smaller role in the day-to-day operations of Presco, Waymon brought on Pete Heckel as a minority partner and Chief Financial Officer in 1993. During this time, Presco experienced double digit growth in both the marking products and engineered film divisions. In 2002, Ed passed away leaving the Presco legacy in Waymon’s hands.  Joe Hardt joined the Presco family in 2003 when Waymon saw an opportunity to bring on a third partner with the corporate experience and discipline Presco needed. In August 2007, Pete Heckel announced his retirement – best wishes from his Presco family!
Today, Presco’s manufacturing operations remain in their two facilities in Sherman, TX. These two facilities house three PVC extruders, custom designed marking product machines, and the dedicated, hardworking employees of Presco.

The future of Presco is bright and ever changing.  The Presco story is rich in innovation which all Presco employees plan on continuing with the partnership of our loyal customers. Let Presco prove to you our desire to be….. “Your First, Best Place to Buy and Our Last, Best Place to Work”!

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