Announcing the immediate availability of Presco’s newest innovation in barricade tape the ADAPT Chameleon Double Sided Barricade Tape!


As you know by now, here at Presco, we make marking products. For years we’ve been a leader in the industry providing everyone, everywhere with our standard barricade tape known for its quality and durability. The eye-catching Yellow Caution/Cuidado Tape and the stop-you-in-your tracks Red Danger/Peligro Tape.  Now for the very first time we are introducing a brand spankin’ new and innovative product to the marking industry.  We are so excited to share the news with you that geniuses and mad scientists locked away in a secret lab have come up with this ingenious new barricade tape.

What is red on one side and yellow on the other? What adapts to the situation to be two products in one? From the innovation experts at Presco comes our very own Adapt Chameleon Barricade Tape. Red Danger Tape on one side, Yellow Caution Tape on the other. Is your mind blown? I thought so. I think it’s uber cool and you will too! One of the driving questions here at Presco is how can we meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. This little innovation is just one way we are working hard to excel as leaders in the plastics, marking products and safety products industries. Presco, our products are known for quality and durability, our customer service is known for reliability and dependability, and our company is known as industry leaders in innovation and design.

  • Economical, disposable marking solution
  • 3″ width
  • 1000′ in length
  • 3 mil material thickness
  • Yellow Caution/Cuidado on one side
  • Red Danger/Peligro on one side
  • ADAPTS to the situation

Call your Presco Customer Service representative at  800.527.3295 now to place your very first order of ADAPT Chameleon Barricade Tape! Don’t be the last one to have this stocked on your store shelves. You too can better serve your customers and blow their minds!

Adapt Line Card

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