tammyTammy Watkins is a kind soul.  You can see it in her face from across the room.  As I watch her sorting through school supplies and placing them carefully into backpacks you can tell that this is not just a job for Tammy, she really cares about people.

I first learned about Tammy’s work when I entered the HR Office at Presco and virtually all the available floor space was littered with colorful backpacks pen and ready for stuffing.   School supplies poked out of some of the bags and there were literally stacks on supplies that had been purchased to go into the bags.  I asked what was gong on and Tammy’s face lit up as she told me about the Presco Back to School Program.

Twenty years ago Tammy came to work at Presco and along the way started raising her own family. Her daughter came a year later and before she knew it Tammy was trying to get money together and make the school supply purchases for her little girl.  In 1993 Tammy and other members of the HR department saw a need to help some of the families at Presco with the cost of school supplies.  She went to several of members of our leadership team who graciously donated to help out.  That year they helped 10 people and the Back to School Program was born.

Since that time Tammy and her team have developed a system where Presconians can give out of their paychecks for programs like this and she has watched as year after year the families that were helped out end up growing the program and helping out other folks with their donations.  The program has continued to grow year after year and this time around Tammy and her team were stuffing just under 90 backpacks for the children.  This year as Tammy was printing out lists of supplies and traveling from store to store trying to get the most supplies she could for the money she had an unexpected but wonderful surprise…her daughter came along to help.

At Presco, as in the community at large, we’re a family.  It’s up to us to give back and help others and when we embrace that sacred responsibility we not only help other folks, we end up warming our own hearts as well.  Thanks for all you do Tammy.


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