Christmas in July! I have often heard the term but never thought much about it. As a kid growing up in the Baptist church we refereed to Christmas in July because that is when choir rehearsals and pre-production work would begin for the churches yearly Christmas pageant. I never thought much more about it until later in life and far removed from that local Fort Worth church I heard other people reference Christmas in July. At the time I marveled that just like so many other things you think are new or original or localized as a kid turn out to be more common place and globally aware than previously believed.

Doing a little research I discover a Baptist church in Washington D.C. in the 1940’s began holding an annual Christmas in July event (even that pastor claimed it originated in another church he had previously served.) But the emphasis was to allow for gifts and missions giving to be distributed world wide in a timely fashion. Soon the idea caught on and the USPS, US Army and US Navy along with the American advertising and greeting card industry found a way to co-opt the idea and promote an early Christmas mailing initiative to service men and women overseas during World War II. And there as well places such as Canada and Australia where Christmas in July is observed in some form or fashion.

Whatever the case may be, in Texas in July I could always use thoughts of winter weather. On a much grander scale–I hope that while we celebrate Christmas on December 25th–the ideas of love, generosity and giving would be guiding philosophies in our lives at all times throughout the year. Here at Presco we take time every month, as a company and as individual employees to give back to the community. For Presconian’s giving is something that we value as a company whether it is a quarterly blood drive, our monthly turn at driving for Meals on Wheels, or bringing items to work to donate to one local charity or another. In just the last month we have donated band aids to a local clinic, kitty litter to a local animal shelter, candy to a community Easter event and on and on. I am not sure where the blood goes, maybe to a humane organization of vampires against biting, hmmm, I need to do some more fact checking.

But whatever the case I want to encourage you to take the time to stop, look around, and ask yourself what can I be doing to give more and help bring about a little bit of Christmas in July …August …September …March …May? I guarantee you we can all be doing more, and by we I certainly mean ME.

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