red-pesticide-warningEvery state has its own restrictions, requirements and regulations for pesticide safety and awareness. Many states require pesticide and landscape companies to post very specific pesticide warning flags or pesticide warning cards in yards and public lawns. So, we ask “How do we keep our children and pets safe from pesticide applications?”

  1. Secure all home pesticides and poisons away from children in a secure lockable cabinet, closet or shed.
  2. Teach children the symbols for poison and pesticides and other hazardous materials so they are able to identify them for themselves.
  3. Before you hire a pesticide company make sure they are aware you have children and/or pets.
  4. Ask them if they will be posting pesticide warning flags and signs in the pesticide application area and for how long.
  5. Consider getting down on your hands and knees and looking around from a child’s or pets’ perspective to see if you missed anything.
  6. Save the number for Poison Control in all your families cell phones 1-800-222-1222. GO AHEAD DO IT RIGHT NOW.  (Also post it near every land line or on the fridge.)

When you see pesticide warning sings signaling a pesticide lawn application be sure to stay off the turf, generally for 24 hours. Some pesticide application warning signs say stay off for 48 hours, 24 hours, or stay off until dry. As I mentioned in the beginning every state is different so we created a State Regulations map on our website. We decided to become the experts on state laws and regulations for residential and commercial pesticide application notification signs so you don’t have to be. Visit our Pesticide Sign Zone and click on your state!

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