One of the most rewarding parts of my job here at Presco is getting to see how our company works so hard to support the valient efforts of those in our community and across the country that are working hard in the non-profit sector to make a difference, from preventing domestic violence and abuse, to churches, to school fundraising efforts and the arts; so many are working to change lives for the better! I get to work with each of these groups in some way and the best perk is here the end result and often being on the receiving end of their gratitude on behalf of the entire Presco Family. Here is one such instance where I want to share with you a letter and pictures from the very grateful and wonderful Seneca School Foundation and Holly R.

Rider Map 2014 Dear Michael & Presco,

I survived the Seneca Stampede (that is our motto on our t-shirts and hats that competitors received) … of course I am sure it had to do with our wonderful trail marking/ribbon donated by you!

Endurance riding is an amazing sport where horse and rider become one as they work together to complete distances  of 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles … you learn so much about yourself and your equine partner.

The Seneca Stampede Endurance Ride is a fundraising ride for the Seneca School Foundation, the small historic school in Seneca, Oregon. Seneca has around 100 folks and just about 25 kids (ranging from 1st – 6th grade) attend. The Foundation (non-profit organization) was created to to help fill in the financial gaps where the local school district falls short and to help keep the school open in this small rural Oregon town.

Thanks to your donation of flagging ribbon we had wonderfully marked trails each trail/loop that riders took hand their own color with matching arrows. See attached map that riders received indicating their loops (map loops color coordinated with your ribbon). Each loop had close to 150 ribbons placed between 1/10 and 1/8 of mile part and to mark turns we used a caution ribbon and 3 ribbons plus our matching arrows. Riders travel fast and are most concerned about trail footing so having the trail well marked is so important.

Many thanks to you and Presco! It was a successful event and we raised $4000 for the foundation. We may take a break next year but we hope you keep us in your radar for future ribbon donations.

Thank you and see you down the well marked trail!

Holly R.

Seneca Stampede Endurance Ride

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