I discovered this great article over at Inc.com These 7 Motivational Navy SEAL Sayings Will Kick Your Butt Into Gear and thought I would share them here. We all need inspiration, I just got back from a week in the Colorado Rockies and now have a cold, I need this and so do you.

1. The only easy day was yesterday.
Every day is a going to have its own trails and challenges. Surprisingly many of us live life in panic mode. Yesterday was easy because you survived whatever “crisis” was thrown at you and today will be no different. Learn to embrace challenge and struggle it is often what helps you stand out in the work place and in life. Overcome obstacles by viewing them as a catalyst to excel.

2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
We all have a comfort zone and its different for each of us. The only way to grow your comfort zone is to push yourself outside of it. I remember a time I went to Spain with a group and one day I was given the option to go out on my own barely knowing the language, understanding the Metro, etc., and IT WAS INVIGORATING. Since then I have done the same in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam just to name a few. Navigating new systems, understanding new environments, learning new perspectives, and engaging different peoples and cultures—growing. Really the only way to grow is to invite discomfort into your life both personally and professionally.

3. Don’t run to your death.
Restraint. Plain and simple. This comes with maturity and wisdom, I would imagine, because I am not there. Knowing when to run full steam ahead and knowing when to move ahead cautiously comes with experience. The SEALS go head long into close-quarter battles where being systematic and methodical is the best plan of action. Restraint in business can also bring about great dividends in the long run. Don’t confuse restraint with status quo either. Restraint is moving forward with a plain yet knowing to navigate the speed at which you grow to velocity that won’t tear your organization apart at the seams.

4. Have a shared sense of purpose.
Here at Presco we have a shared vision, a common sense of purpose that we work to weave into the DNA of our company culture. We have shared common goals that help us from the factory floor to air conditioned offices identify our purpose in coming to work every day so that we are focused on execution of the things that are going to help us achieve those goals. Our plan is to help us focus on execution and prioritize so we don’t get to the end of the day and realize we got caught up in the mundane busy work that keeps us from the real important work of moving forward, creating growth and getting real goals accomplished. Some days you look back and realize the minutia won.

[learn_more caption=”Quote from Ram Charan”] “”70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership, it is rarely for lack of smarts or vision.” Ram Charan[/learn_more]

5. Move, shoot, communicate.
To me this is about being a team. You move independently from each other but each with a shared vision and you must move in unison. Shoot, in business you have to be able to pull the trigger, execute decisions without thinking, but they have to be the right decision. And never in a million years will your team be better than an its ability to communicate.

6. No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
Or to put it another way as only pugilist and thespian Mike Tyson can “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” And to further quote the article directly:
“When you have a team of the right people doing the right things, they will know how to adapt when the you-know-what hits the fan.
And they will adapt with composure, not panic. This is why ongoing training and professional development are so important.”

7. All in, all the time.
It’s one thing to be an expert in your field and it is an entirely different thing to be a champion in your field. “Go hard or go home,” is a motto that a coach drilled into me years ago, along with “champions always do a little extra.” Dig deep, stay late or come in early when it’s important to. Show that extra effort that tells your team nobody is picking up your slack because you are all in-all the time!

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