This is one of the annoying things about Apple….I think part of their marketing ploy is to not tell you how to use your device and just let you figure it out on your own. If you’ve been a loyal member of the Apple clique then you may already know how to do simple little things like take a screenshot. iphoneHowever if you’re moving or have recently moved from Android or Blackberry or some other platform to Apple you might be stuck…

So, while it is a simple task to take a screenshot of your ipad or iphone, the steps to take could elude you for hours. Here’s the simple way to do it.

On the bottom of your iPhone you have a “Home Button.” At the top right of the device you have your “Sleep” button.” Simply navigate to the screen you want a picture of and then push both of these buttons at the same time. If you do it correctly then your screen will briefly flash and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound. Navigate to your camera roll and you should see your new screen shots!

Hope this helps somebody!

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