Presco Products Proud to Announce Launch of New Online Art Interface!

Presco is so excited to be able to announce the LAUNCH of our new Custom Art Interface for our stake flag customers and distributors! The Custom Stake Flag Art Interface is designed from the ground up to accomplish two HUGE goals:  SAVE time and MAKE money.  We do this by helping them create custom made-to-order stake flags for their customer’s right in the own store.  The Art Interface at PrescoArt.com is a state of the art solution designed to save our distributors time and help them increase revenue. The Art Interface accomplishes this through helping to increase sales through closing the gap between flag design and final approval. Thus creating a quick turn-around of a custom product that they can present to their client in house virtually on the spot within minutes.

Generally a customer walks into a store and asks the representative to order them marking flags. That is the first step in what becomes a twenty-four hour process. The rep works with the client to decide what they want the flag to display; business name, logo, phone number, web address, any wording that may need to be on the flag such as warning of underground high voltage lines, gas pipes or chemicals applied to a lawn, for instance. The client agrees, the rep sends it to Presco where customer service and the art department work to design the flag and return it within 24hrs back to the store who sent the request. Now the hard part, getting 100% of the customers back to the store to approve the art and pay for the order. Here in lies the problem today we are all busy – 24hrs to get a proof is pretty reasonable except when moneys on the table. It can take time, from days to weeks, before the client can find the time to get back to the store and approve the artwork. And if they don’t return that money can dry up and blow away like leaves changing in the fall and we have lost time and money chasing down dead leaves.

p_art_thumbSolution? Create a scenario where the customer comes in for flags, designs the flags in-store with the salesperson, approves the artwork and orders the flags right then. HOURS SAVED! FLAGS DESIGNED AND ORDERED! Customer Happy, Sales Person Happy! Money in hand. Flags design, approved, ordered. Here are the simple steps: Log on to PrescoArt.com with the customer. Create a custom flag. Get a proof within Art Interface. Place the order. GET PAID! You’ve just gone from the Pony Express system of custom stake flags to the express window of stake flags business model: You hand the customer a proof, they hand you cash money.

All that’s left is for the flags to be printed and delivered. The sales process happened in less time than it takes that landscaper to restring his weed eater or sharpen the blades on his mower. A general contractor can order flags on his lunch break and still have time to hit up a joint for a burger and fries. Presco cares about our distributors and business partners and we want to be a part of helping them succeed. Presco’s Custom Stake Flag Art Interface is an ingenuous solution that will create more sales revenue for stake flag distributors by closing the gap that allows customers to leave the store without approving and ordering flags, never to return and never to buy.

And don’t worry as easy as the Art Interface is to use we are still here to help. We will be dedicated to answering your phone calls, emails and smoke signals anytime you need a walk through or helping hand with any issue concerning the Art Interface. We have already anticipated some of your needs and created tutorial videos to walk you through making a custom stake flag on the Art Interface.

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