marketingspareNorma Back (Loveland, OH) was making sleeping mats for the homeless from shopping bags. But she found they did not provide much protection. While it was better than sleeping on the ground, it did not provide much when the ground was wet, as water tended to leak thru the thin bags. The plastic bags also had lots of small crevices for bugs to live and those same crevices made the mat difficult to keep clean.

Norma received donations of barricade tape from her local fire departments and Home Depot. With this barricade tape, she made a few mats. The mats are thicker, providing real protection from a wet ground. Bugs do not have as many places to hide and you can spray clean the mat made from barricade tape. It is a mat superior to the ones made from grocery bags.

When we heard Norma’s story, Presco had to donate tape to her. We love to give back to the community. And people like Norma make giving easy. Way to go Norma!

If you have a feel good story about giving back to the community, we would love to hear it! Send them to the email at the bottom of the newsletter.

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