MA Pesticide Application Signs

6-10-12 Post-Application Notification of Outdoor Application(a) No contracting party or other user of pesticides which applies pesticides outdoors shall fail to display at least one warning sign for at least twenty-four hours following each pesticide application, or longer if suggested or required by the manufacturer’s label. All signs shall be posted at the time of the pesticide application.
(b) Signs shall conform to the following criteria:
(1) Signs shall include the following statement:
Name: Phone: .
Remove sign after 24 hours, or per label requirements.”
(2) The name and telephone number shall be either the contracting party or other user of pesticides.
(3) Signs shall be at a mini-mum of four inches by five inches in area per face, and a maximum of two square feet in area per face.
(c) Signs shall comply with all other criteria set forth in subsection 6-10-11(f), B.R.C. 1981, except subparagraph 6-10-11(f)(5), B.R.C. 1981.
There shall be no greater size of letters for identification of the applicator than for any other information on the sign.
Signs shall be dark lettering on a bright yellow background. (Ordinance Nos. 5358 (1991); 5393 (1991))



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