keeling_aboutIt would be nice if you could just have a sales team that always functioned at a perfect level but the reality is that nobody is perfect and people always perform better when they are consistently and creatively motivated. This is just the way it is. It’s not just sales either, it’s life in general. I know as a father for example, that I do a better job when I can sense a reward at the end of a task. Sometimes that reward is simply that my daughter will be enthusiastically happy with me and give me one of her great hugs for supporting her at one of her activities. We are people of the carrot and stick and we need to see that prize ahead on the horizon and then we can be inspired to try harder, work smarter and invest more energy into our tasks.

We realize this at Presco and have started to try and build some of these carrot and stick programs into our distributor relationships, and we recommend that you do it for your end users as well! I would like to give you a “case study” of one of these programs that we’re running right now.

Wade Wilson is one of our Key Account Managers and one of his major customers is The Keeling Company. For over 41 years, Arkansas based Keeling has led the irrigation market and has built up a loyal base of customers in the irrigation field. Our marking products, in particular our stake flags, are a big staple in the Keeling product array.

Wade wanted a way to motivate his Keeling sales reps and wanted to combine that with a big “Thank you” for all of their hard work. He came up with a plan to give away an all inclusive trip to Cowboy’s stadium, including airfare, hotel and game day passes for two. As with any promotion, we wanted to kill as many birds with one stone as possible, so Wade sat down with our marketing department and we came up with “Cowboy Credits.” This allows Wade to put out different objectives every week to the Keeling reps so that they can earn “credits” towards the grand prize. Of course sales are the number one driver of the credit system. However, we wanted to complete some of our other objectives along the way and also give some opportunity for different reps to “stay in the running” for the grand prize. Our final promotion consists of many different ways to win credits, so in addition to sales the reps get credits for liking our Facebook Page, commenting on a blog post or Twitter feed, signing up for Presco Connect (our online customer interface), and many other smaller tasks. Again, this not only helps us with our marketing, but it helps the reps gain more points by being in relationship with us, and frankly that’s what this is all about. Each week Wade puts out the Cowboy Credits Leaderboard and sends it to all of his reps so that they can also be motivated by each other and the success of other folks on the team. So far the contest is going great, we’ll keep you posted on the winner!

The reason I share this case study is twofold. First, it’s important for all of us to learn from each other and one way we can do that is by sharing our successful ventures and also sharing our ventures that we’re quite so successful. Hopefully by learning about what we’re doing with Keeling you can be inspired to start your own promotional program directly with your end users. If you are interested in doing this and need a hand please reach out to us in the marketing department! We’re also happy to assist our valued distributors!

Secondly, we love all of our distributors, not just The Keeling Company… If you feel like your sales force could use some extra motivation then please contact your Key Account Manager and let them know that you would like a sales promotion designed for your team! Again, we’re happy to help!

Lastly, let us know what has worked for you in motivating your sales force. We learn and grow by sharing with one another. Happy selling!

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