I’m continuing my live blogging from the 2014 HD Supply White Cap Supplier Summit and hanging out now with my kind of people…the tech nerds…

iphoneWe’re talking about White Cap’s digital initiatives and I have to say, its great to see more and more people in this field “getting it.” The presentation started off with some of the reasons why the internet market is important. For example the amount of smartphone users in 2013 has risen to 83% and in our business that means customers and potential customers are using their phones to access our websites, place orders, look for a location and downloading out apps.

White Cap has announced that they will be launching a completely mobile website within the next few months which I think is a great first step. However, their most exciting news to me was hearing that they are in development of a mobile app which will be available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app will feature a store locator feature which will access your current location, find the closest White Cap branch and get directions for you. It also features their exciting new “Speed Build” component which allows repeat customers to quickly and easily build an order from frequently purchased items and categories. The last exciting feature that they shared is their concrete calculator. Although I don’t personally use a lot of concrete in marketing, I think it’s a great step toward better serving our customers. At Presco we’re proud to have distributor partners like White Cap who are leading by example in the digital market!

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