Quality has been at the CORE of who we are at Presco for years. We pride ourselves on making quality American goods and serving us customers well. Since quality is what you should expect from Presco as one of our core values you will soon be seeing our public statement of this in our new Presco Branded Cores. Quality at the core of every roll of Presco roll flagging and barricade tape. We stand by our product as second to none and the proof is now there for everyone to see. If it doesn’t say Presco then it is not Presco. Look for Presco printed cores coming to a retailer, distributor, and job site or construction zone near you.

There is a lot of stuff on the market and we’ve found that folks grab some tape that looks like Presco products but then find out that it doesn’t hold up like Presco products. Let’s clear up any confusion… if it doesn’t say “Presco,” then it isn’t “Presco.”

Keep your eye out and get excited! Now it’ll be easier than ever to know that you’re getting the Right Stuff…If it doesn’t say Presco then it isn’t Presco.

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