Today’s activity-based work usually requires a lot of movement. No matter how careful we are, we often make a mess. We can prevent leaks and spills to maintain a safe environment with Presco’s absorbent mats and pads. As one of Presco’s newest products to fall under our in-line lamination applications, you will find that our absorbent industrial floor mats are a one-of-a-kind custom solution for various uses and needs. This mat’s unique formulation makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas in manufacturing environments, retail spaces, garages, and so much more.

What are Absorbent Mats?

Absorbent Mats encompass a family of products that protect a variety of surfaces from liquids, foot traffic, and other wear while maintaining a nonskid, adhesive free grip that will help prevent slips and falls.

What industries can you expect to find absorbent mats being utilized?

Absorbent mats and pads are used in a variety of manufacturing and automotive settings, as well as basketball arenas, relocating businesses, food service industries, veterinary services, and more.

What kind of fluids can Absorbent Mats consume?

A wide variety of fluids can be contained using Presco’s absorbent mats and pads. Some of which include oil, gas, water, hydraulic fluid, animal urine, and more. Because our mats are made from a proprietary blend of polypropylene fibers, non-woven polyester needle felt, and other additives, it gives Presco’s mats non-skid properties, extra durability, and moisture absorbency.

How do I dispose of Presco’s absorbent mats?

Discarding our absorbent pads is an easy and convenient process. For most fluids, simply roll up the saturated pad and throw it in a garbage can. However, for oil, gas, and other substances, you will want to check with local officials to see where the nearest hazardous waste disposal center is located.

What are the benefits of Presco’s absorbent mats?

There are many benefits to choosing Presco’s absorbent mats,

  • Our nonslip backing is a standout feature by itself. Due to the superior web quality built-in by our unique extrusion capabilities, you are guaranteed peace of mind knowing that even when a mat is full of water or other liquids, its anti-slip properties are in full effect.
  • By placing these fast-wicking, durable mats on concrete floors to collect oil, water, or other fluid types, you can expect a significant decrease in workplace slip and fall injuries.
  • Presco’s innovative extrusion techniques allow us to manufacture a durable, absorbent mat product with a thinner, more absorbent, moisture barrier property, which ultimately saves on weight and cost.
  • Presco’s absorbent mats not only have passed the British spill test but can also be manufactured with fire-resistant features.
  • The polyester felt materials that are woven into our mats is completely ecofriendly as it is made from recycled drink bottles.

What size absorbent mats can Presco reproduce?

The standard absorbent roll size comes in a 36in and 72in wide roll, with 100-foot lengths. However, being a Presco partner means we can customize an absorbent mat roll to suit your project’s needs. We can also make custom-size mats that can be 24″, 36″, and 48″ wide.

Not all products are created equally, and at Presco, we have kept that theory in mind during the absorbent mat development cycle. As a result, our absorbent mats and pads are constructed of high-performing, spill absorbent fabrics, with flame retardant qualities critical to facilitating a safe work environment. In addition, with the ability to extrude and manufacture our products directly from our Texas-based location, we can ship to anywhere in the United States.

The process of ordering your absorbent mats is even easier than disposing of them! So reach out to us today and get your free sample mat delivered anywhere in the United States.