Best Links of the WeekTo stay on top of Social Media Management and Marketing and SEO and Sales and business trends and industry news I read a lot.  And often times  I think I need to share this with our Sales Team or the ladies in customer service or this person or that person. Who can’t benefit from some fresh ideas, new forms of motivation, key information or new perspective?  So here are the best articles and news items I came across this week and just to help I have have added some category headings. If one category is not your cup of tea then don’t worry about it there’s something for almost everyone.

Business and Sales

This Negotiation Trick Made Me $18,000 in 7 Seconds

An Absurdly Easy Negotiating Trick

Organization (Free Stuff)

5 Free Apps for Organizing Your Office

15G of Free Storage for Microsoft Users


Get Real Work Done Blog: Graphing Productivity and Overtime

Which Country Has the Most Productive Workers?

Why Danish Workers are Among the Most Productive in the World (and Happiest)

Productivity (Infographic)


7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

12 Quotes to Motivate Your Creativity

Like I said a little bit of something for everyone. I’d love some feedback! What are you reading? Which articles were helpful? What do you want to see more of or less of or none of?