Did you know that 56% of US households craft at least once a year?! Although that may not be a “staggering” number, it is still substantial, considering the figure is primarily derived from those who craft during the holiday season. Admittedly, I am one of those individuals who become particularly “crafty” when the temperature starts to plummet, and the air is reminiscent of sweet evergreens and crisp autumn leaves. I don’t know about anyone else, but when my creative mood strikes and the ideas start flowing, I never seem to have the items I need at my disposal. Luckily for me, it happens to be hunting season as well, and I can always count on my husband to have some spare roll flagging or other safety marking products sitting around for me to scavenge for a project. Over the years, I have come to find that crafting with these items readily available has allowed me to really up the ante when it comes to family or school projects. Here are just a few of the things you can do to liven up your holiday season!

  1. The Holiday Maze– This one is always a hit when throwing the annual holiday party. Whether it’s constructed with Safety Barricade Fencing or one of Presco’s many variations of Barricade Tapes, the kids will be sure to get a kick out this one-of-a-kind maze experience, right in your backyard.
  2. Costume Crafts– Need help figuring out which costume to don during one of the many Halloween parties you will be invited to this year? Not a problem because we have you covered (literally!). Presco’s roll flagging comes in checkerboard, striped and polka dot variations-all of which are sure to help you rack up creativity points with those costume party judges. If you are looking to go that extra mile, Presco also offers flexible vinyl films that can be sewn, tied, and customized to create a unique costume experience.
  3. Deck the Halls– So it’s Christmas season, and the kids are out of school with nothing to do but climb the walls and devastate the pantry. Why not grab a few rolls of bright and cheery roll flagging, a large Styrofoam wreath, a few things that jingle (and some that don’t), and let the kids make wreaths for their bedroom door?? With a little guidance, this mess-free craft idea will not disappoint.
  4. Fall Collages– For those with younger kiddos, holiday collage projects are a great way to keep them occupied as well as boost their creativity and fine motor skills.
  5. First, take leftover scraps of various colored roll flagging material and cut them into mosaic pieces.
  6. Next, let the kids cut large seasonal shapes out of construction paper, such as leaves, pumpkins, and Christmas trees.
  7. Finally, stick those colorful mosaic pieces all over the construction paper with some non-toxic school glue and finish it off with other items such as glitter, foam shapes, or colored cotton balls.
  8. DIY Haircrafts– Last but not least (and one of my all-time favorites)- make glow in the dark hair-ties! Just grab some neon flagging tape from your local hardware store, cut it into 12in strands and wrap them around an elastic hairband. VOILA! You have yourself a safety reflector those walks at twilight, or a stunning new accessory to share with your friends.

Even though Presco is known as the Nation’s premier manufacturer of safety marking products, we also like to have fun and get creative! So, if you are looking for more fun ideas for your leftover safety marking products, check out more of our unique and innovative suggestions here!